Terms and Conditions


All items can be reserved by calling one of our offices. Some items require a deposit. Please be courteous to others and if you determine you will not be requiring a reserved item, please let us know as soon as possible so as the item(s) can be made available to others.


All changes must be made 3 business days prior to the pick-up or delivery of your order. As these items have been set aside for your order, any changes within 3 days of delivery/pickup will incur additional labor charges. Once an order is on a delivery truck, no changes or cancellations of the order will be allowed. The order will need to be paid for in full.

Return of Rental Equipment

A cleaning fee will be charged for all equipment returned dirty. If you do not have clean-up facilities available, we can provide this service at an additional charge if arranged in advance.

Charges are made for time out (not time used) so in order not to incur additional rental charges, return all equipment promptly by due date.


For the most part, items are priced by the day. However, this daily rate usually allows for a time frame of one day before to one day after the event.

Pick-Up and Delivery

All items can be picked up from either our Cockeysville or our Columbia location. Reservations will guarantee that the items will be available. Due to the limited warehouse space in the Columbia location, we ask that all items be reserved at least one week in advance in order for us to transfer (if necessary) items from the Cockeysville warehouse.

Delivery is available for a fee. The delivery price quoted will be the total round-trip charge. i.e. for the delivery and then the pick-up of the items from your location. Deliveries are made during normal business hours within our delivery area. Special arrangements can be made for deliveries and or pick-ups outside of this area, for specific delivery/pick-up times, for last minute deliveries and for times and/or days outside of the normal business day. There will be an additional charge for these services.

Items will be unloaded and delivered just inside of the front entrance of a residence or facility. Due to insurance regulations, we cannot be responsible for damage due to deliveries being made further into a residence or facility. Additional charges may occur due to elevator use or delays in delivery/pickups.

All items will be counted by Party Plus personnel upon delivery and pickup. It is the customer’s responsibility to be at the site during delivery and pick-up to verify the accuracy of these counts. If customer is not available to verify, the customer accepts the counts of our personnel.

All items must be returned in the containers, bags (see below re: linens) or racks that they were delivered in. All chairs and tables must be broken down and stacked neatly (unless customer has paid for the items to be set-up and or taken down). If any items are not returned in the same manner in which they were delivered, there will be additional charges. Damaged or broken items must also be returned to verify their condition.

Due to health regulations, all glassware, china and flatware should be rinsed prior to returning. They do not have to be washed as they will be washed and sanitized by our staff once returned. All linens, (tablecloths, napkins, skirts, etc) SHOULD NOT be placed in plastic bags once they are used so as to prevent mold from forming.


Tent Policy

RESERVATION DEPOSIT: A reservation deposit in an amount equal to 50% of the rental cost is required to reserve a tent. You may cancel this contract without further obligation by delivering to us written notice of cancellation at anytime up to 21 days prior to your scheduled event. If you cancel this contract after the cancellation deadline, you agree to pay us 100% of the total tent rental price. You expressly authorize us to charge the cancellation charge to any credit card you provide to us.

SITE PREPARATION: In order to install and remove the tent, we must have a clear, unobstructed space that is larger than the tent by 10 feet on each side and end of the tent. You agree to have the installation area cleared before the date the tent is to be installed and to have the contents of the tent cleared out before the date the tent is to be taken down. You agree to clearly mark or lay out the exact location of the tent and/or be present or have a representative present at the lime of the lent erection. If no one is present to instruct our personnel as to the location of the tent, we will use our best judgement as to where to locate the tent and you agree to accept our decision. You agree to pay additional charges for any delay incurred or additional labor performed by us resulting from your failure lo prepare the installation site or not properly conveying the exact location of the tent. You will, at your sole cost, obtain and furnish us with copies of all required licenses, permits, authorizations, and approvals. You also agree to inform us of any underground utilities or other conditions that may affect our ability to properly install the tent. You will notify us in writing if there is a requirement for any certificate or other documentation from us in sufficient time for us to obtain such documentation.

DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION: We will deliver, install, and remove the tent. In order to properly secure the tent, we must drive steel stakes into the ground. You hereby authorize and agree to permit us to drive such stakes at the installation site and later remove them. You will provide our personnel with reasonable access to the delivery site at all times and agree to refrain from interfering with our delivery, set up and retrieval of the tent. If the site is inaccessible at the time of installation or removal, you agree to pay us any additional fees to cover our costs.

LIGHTING AND POWER: You will, at your sole cost, provide us with access to, and the right to make all necessary use of, your electrical and power lines for installation and operation of the tent.

RELEASE AND INDEMNITY: You hereby release and discharge us from any and all liability and damages (including incidental, consequential, special, and punitive damages) arising from or associated with our delivery, set up and/or retrieval of the lent, as well as any delay, failure or inability to deliver, set up or retrieve the tent.

SIZE SHAPE, WATER TIGHTNESS AND QUALITY Our tents are rented on an “As-Is” basis. Although the canvas and vinyl fabrics of most of our tents have been treated for water repellent, we disclaim and you hereby waive any guarantee or warranty as to the effectiveness of such treatments. As a tent is not a permanent structure, total water tightness cannot be guaranteed. We will make our best effort to install the tent to be as protective against rain as possible.

CARE OF/DAMAGE TO TENT: You are the insurer of the tent during the rental term; meaning you bear all risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction, regardless of cause (except for ordinary wear and tear, which is defined as deterioration resulting from the proper and intended use of the tent). You will make no alterations to the tent. You will take such actions as may be reasonably necessary to avoid molding or mildewing of the tent. You will not affix, permit the installation or attachment in, on or to the tent any signs or banners, nor use or permit the use of any tape, adhesive, staple, hook, or other device that adheres to or penetrates the tent. You will ensure that no heating elements, stoves, candles, torches, fireworks or other flammable, combustible or hazardous materials or gasses are used in or near the tent. You agree to pay all other costs associated with returning (to the condition required in this contract), or if necessary, replacing (which will include payment of full replacement cost, including without limitation, all packing, shipping and handling charges) any tent not returned in the condition required by this contract. Accrued rent will not be applied against the repair or replacement of the tent.

LOSS OR DAMAGE: You are the insurer of the tent during the term. If you decline the Damage Waiver (and subject to its terms if you accept it), you bear all risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction, regardless of cause (ordinary wear and tear excepted). If any tent or other rented item is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed during the term (other than as a result of rain, hail, flood, lightning, tornado, windstorm or other “Act of God” with respect to which you were not negligent), whether or not your fault, you will notify us immediately, and you will pay us (a) the retail value of the part and labor necessary lo repair and re-erect the tent which has been damaged or knocked down, or (b) its replacement cost if lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged beyond our reasonable ability to repair it; and in either case, all packing, shipping, handling, storage and other associated costs. Rent previously paid will not be applied against the above-referenced charges.

DECKS OR UNUSUAL INSTALLATIONS: Normal tent rental charges are for installation on grass or solid ground level surfaces. Additional charges will be assessed for installation on such surfaces as decks, porches, around structures (posts, trees, or shrubs as examples). We will not be responsible for damages to deck components or any structure if required to properly install the tent. The costs will be estimated prior to the job but may be modified once the job begins.

WEATHER RELATED CANCELLATION: If we deem the weather situation to be non-conducive to the installation of the tent, the contract will be cancelled and the money returned. If the customer wants the tent installed against our recommendation, and we feel it is safe at the time of installation, we will do so but accept no liability at all for any aspect of the rental. If we do install the tent upon the customers insistence and have to remove same if weather conditions worsen, there will not be a refund. In addition, depending on the circumstances there may be additional fees to remove the tent due to inclement weather conditions. SNOW AND SLEET The tent is not snow rated. You agree to periodically remove snow, ice and sleet from the tent top to avoid structure collapse and accept all responsibility for any damages or injuries resulting from failure to take responsible steps to avoid such accumulation.

Damage Waiver

Once customer takes possession of equipment, they are completely responsible for it whether damaged, lost or stolen. Customer should consult their insurance agent regarding their coverage of rental equipment. Damage waiver is available at time of rental on most items. Damage waiver protects you against charges for accidental damage to rental equipment while it is in customers’ possession. IT DOES NOT COVER MYSTERIOUS LOSS OR THEFT OF THE RENTAL EQUIPMENT OR ANY ACCESSORY ITEM. Damage waiver does not include flat tires or damage to tires and rims.

Emergency Number

Party Plus Rentals can be reached 24/7 in case of an emergency. Emergency is defined as a defective piece of equipment or some failure of Party Plus Rentals to perform. If we replace an item or send someone out to repair such an item that the customer deems inoperable and its found to be operational, there will be a service charge.