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Tent Rental Guide

Hosting a special event for 20 – or 20,000? Rent a tent to create the perfect environment for your outdoor reception or backyard get-together! Arena Americas has a complete inventory of tent types to provide exactly what you need. When you’re ready for a tent rental, explore our guide to learn more about different tent types, how to size a tent, and landscape requirements.

Everything You Need to Know About Tent Rentals

Step 1: Pick a Tent Type


For most short-term tent rentals, we’ll recommend one of three kinds of tents based on your outdoor surface, budget, and style preference.

Will the tent be set up on grass or asphalt? Try a pole tent or tension tent. They have a classic look and can be staked directly into grass or asphalt. (They’re also your most budget-friendly choice.)

Will the tent be set up on concrete? Depending on the square footage, you’ll need either a frame tent or a clearspan tent. They both can be kept in place with weights instead of stakes, which means they’re a great choice when a set-up crew can’t stake directly into the ground.

Do you need a completely open interior space? You’ll see that pole tents and tension tents do have a handful of center poles. To create an open space with no center poles, select a frame tent or clearspan tent.


Step 2: Help Arena Estimate a Tent Size


You don’t have to figure out exactly what size tent you need – we’ll take care of that! But it’s helpful to know:

  • How many guests will attend?
  • Is the meal served or buffet-style?
  • Will there be a dance floor?
  • Will you have a head table?
  • What about a cake table and/or a gift table?

We’ll use the details of your party to determine what size tent is best, and work with you to make sure it fits in the event’s outdoor space.

Linen and Skirting Charts

The following charts will help you to choose what linen sizes and skirting will best fit your tables and give you the look you want.

Frame Tent Seating Capacities

Pole Tent Seating Capacities


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